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Theresa Amelio


She/Her | LGBTQ+ Affirming

My Story

Theresa Amelio is a Mental Health Counselor who provides virtual and in-person psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. Her primary goal is to build a healthy therapeutic alliance based on trust, empathy and connection. Working cooperatively with clients, she shines a light on thought patterns that may be causing distress and practices strategies to reframe them in more constructive ways. Together, they challenge limiting beliefs and co-create empowering perspectives to facilitate growth and fulfillment. Theresa utilizes an integrative approach, tailoring evidence-based therapeutic modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, and client-centered therapy to meet each individual's unique needs and goals.


Theresa's path into the mental health field stemmed from observing the powerful impact of fostering an environment that nurtured personal growth, built resilience, and encouraged wise decision-making during her earlier career as an elementary school teacher. Bearing witness to how this supportive atmosphere empowered students ignited her passion for guiding individual journeys of healing and self-discovery through psychotherapy. For the past decade, she has had the privilege of serving in the mental health and substance abuse counseling fields, deepening her commitment to this meaningful and human-centered work.


Theresa holds two master's degrees in education and counseling, and she is a New York State certified teacher, New York State certified school counselor, and credentialed substance abuse counselor (CASAC-t). Her 25 years of experience as an educator and school counselor lend an invaluable perspective to her therapeutic approach. In her free time, Theresa can be found in nature, gardening, hiking, and traveling to state and national parks. Her goal is to provide a compassionate space that allows clients to feel safe, heard, and empowered to embark on their journey of healing and self-discovery. She is honored to walk this path alongside them.

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