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"It is my pleasure and privilege to share the professional work that Nicole Serini has done with me over the past 3 years and to provide my impressions of her skills, talents, and abilities. I was referred to see Nicole by my primary physician just after the death of my 36-year old son, who we lost to Bipolar 1 Disorder and Co-Occurring Substance Abuse (alcohol). I was deeply depressed and guilt-ridden, unable to function and completely overwhelmed and "stuck" in so many intense and conflicting emotions. Honestly, at first, I didn't think I'd be able to work with Nicole, mostly because she is just half my age and had never (thank God) experienced such a devastating loss. In no time at all, I found that being much younger was actually an advantage, because Nicole had so many new insights and such an open-minded and open-hearted perspective. I also realized that you don't have to be in a situation yourself to be able to understand the situation. There is no way to put it, other than to say, we turned out to be a perfect match."
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