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A little more about what we offer.

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

 Solution Focused Therapy


 Trauma Focused Therapy

 Motivational Interviewing

 Behavior Modification

 Grief Counseling

 Person-Centered Therapy

Session Information

We understand how important flexibility is when fitting therapy into a busy life. We offer in person, or virtual sessions to help make therapy as accessible as possible. 

Our sessions are typically 45 minutes long, but we can accommodate longer sessions when needed or desired.

Free Consultation

We are excited to get started with your treatment, and the best first step is a proper introduction. We offer a 15 minute, free phone consultation where we can chat and make sure we are the right fit for you. Schedule your consultation on our "Get Started" page today!


Insurance Info

We are in network with several insurance companies, however coverage may vary between therapists. After filling out our consultation form, we can discuss your specific situation to find the best fit.


We are out-of-network with some insurance companies, but if you have out-of-network benefits, we will provide to you a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Any possible reimbursement is solely dependent upon the insurer, get in touch with your insurer for details on your specific situation.

Why Start Therapy?

Common Reasons People Start Therapy 


  • Anxiety or unease (trouble sleeping, discomfort in social situations, over-thinking)

  • Depression ( sadness, lack of motivation, fatigue, noticeable change in appetite/energy)

  • Trauma - Most of us have gone through Trauma in our life. Trauma is not just a term to describe psychological symptoms following military combat.  

  • Sexual/Physical/Emotional Abuse Survivor

  • Trouble with focus and concentration 

  • Life transitions (job change, beginning high school, college, geographical move, becoming a parent)

  • Grief and loss

  • Chronic health issues

  • Sexuality and Gender Issues (we are LGBTQIA Affirming therapists.)

  • Effects of Racism/Hate

  • Covid 19 and everything that comes along with it

  • Divorce or a break up

  • Mood swings - noticeable changes in your mood, very high highs and very low lows.  

  • Anger issues - Understand triggers, physical cues and find tools to help you express your feelings in a healthier way!

  • Feeling stuck, not sure which direction to go

  • Parenting challenges … Too many to list.

  • Co-parenting challenges following separation/divorce

  • Teen challenges, just being a teen today is difficult! Between self-esteem and body image issues, social media, friendships and relationships, school pressure and stress, etc. 

  • Family Planning / Fertility struggles

  • Help with relationships - healthy vs unhealthy relationships.  Let’s set some boundaries! 

  • Unexplained physical symptoms that do not have a clear medical diagnosis - physical pain, aches, stomach pain, and other physical symptoms can sometimes be caused by a mental health issue.

  • Family dynamic issues (too many to list)

  • Wanting someone to talk to that is not biased or connected to your personal life. 

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